Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Battle of the Boybands (Part Deux)

Read the first debate HERE.

-Last.FM lists the song "Vanished" as an NLT track when we know for a fact it is by V Factory. (UPDATE: Thanks to Anon, apparently "Vanished" is by Varsity Fanclub)

-I've found new tracks from both artists but I'm kinda iffy on who is really who. "Walk Away" is listed as NLT, while "Can't Get Enough" is listed as V Factory. I'm so confused. To make it worse, "Walk Away" is sufficient I suppose, but "Can't Get Enough" sounds like bad boy band farce from cerca 2000. I honestly don't think either of these songs are by NLT or V Factory at all.

-Is it V-Factory or VFactory or V Factory? (UPDATE: It's V Factory.)

-Is Varsity Fanclub the same as Varsity? (UPDATE: Yes, but the name is Varsity Fanclub.)

-Why is this so confusing? (UPDATE: Question of the week.)

-V Factory (or whoever they are)'s "Round and Round" is still an amazing pop song.

-Same goes for NLT's "Karma" and "She Said, I Said".

-Same goes for Varsity Fanclub's "Vanished".

-I finally found a HQ of V Factory's "Love Struck", which was written by Darin. It certainly lives up to the hype. I guess the real question is who is this Timbaland wannabe on the track spouting "Girl, you got me..."? Because we know it's not Timbo...

-Why do I always fall for the boy bands? I think it's some kind of psychology thing that means I want to go back to being age 13 with no worries. Yeah, that's probably it.

-Want any of these songs? Comment me. We'll work it out.


Anonymous said...

It's V Factory:)

Mel said...

Thanks! I thought so...but people on the Last.FM boards don't seem to agree.

Do you know "Can't Get Enough" is their song? I can send it to you if you're not sure...

Anonymous said...

Vanished is by VARSITY FANCLUB
and yes varsity is varsity fanclub.
walk away and cant get enough is by neither nlt nor V Factory

Mel said...

Oh no, really?

I feel like such a band fan!

I do like "Vanished" though.

Sigh...Then, I guess I don't know where I got that information from. Curse them.

Thanks for setting this straight for me!

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