Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Statement, New Purpose

This blog, from now on, will be a mixture of a pop critique blog, as well as a daily account of my life starting in January 2009. It will serve as a place for friends of mine to stay in touch with me now that I will be away from the cushion of school, and know what I've been up to. However, I am definitely interested in making new friends through blogging.

I don't want to go so far as have a "Gossip Girl" type mystery, but I'd rather keep personal details as quiet as possible. Let's suffice to say that if you want to define your narrator, she is 21 years old and American. :)

If you want me to put you on my blogroll, send me a comment. I'll check you out. If you are a musician, please send me the link to your music/myspace. I'd love to hear your stuff. I'm open to just about everything and am always looking for new music to rock out to.

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