Saturday, May 10, 2008

Top Songs of 2008 (so far)...

Per the Billboard Hot 100, the following are the most successful songs of 2008 in the USA so far:

1. Flo Rida f/ T-Pain - "Low"
2. Leona Lewis - "Bleeding Love"
3. Usher f/Young Jeezy - "Love In This Club"
4. Mariah Carey - "Touch My Body"
5. Lil Wayne f/ Static Major - "Lollipop"


While it's resounding bass-beat is furious and a banger for the clubs and the cars to say the least, I will never be much a fan for this pointless hip hop swagger. It blows my mind that this song was as successful as it was (and still is) and I think is the only real song of 2008 that has warrented a useless catchphrase ("Shorty got low low low, etc repeat on for infinity" and "Apple Bottom Jeans, boots with the fur"). Is it wrong that when I first heard the "apple bottoms" like I thought the song was by Nelly? It kinda fits his style and wasn't his clothing line "Apple Bottoms". *Sigh* Kudos has to be given to T-Pain, who seems to just keep hitting them out of the park success-wise. Houston: We have a new Timbaland on our hands.

"Bleeding Love"
I've always been a big fan of euro-pop of any degree of sugaryness, but what I love most about Leona Lewis is she feels so legit. Her voice cannot be denied, and the song is reminiscent of the big Mariah and Whitney ballads of the early 90s. Here's to hopings she'll have a long and successful career here in the US as well as worldwide. It's about time we caught on to this one. Although, I will say -- who knew this song was written by Ryan Tedder (OneREPUBLIC) and Jesse McCartney? Tedder, I believe, but JESSE MCCARTNEY?

"Love In This Club"
I wasn't impressed by this. The initial beat sounds like it's stolen by that other "magical" hip hop slow jam, "This Is Why I'm Hot", and Usher isn't inspiring too much. Coming off of the mega album "Confessions", the stakes were high, and I'm sure he knew this. But maybe he was digging too much on himself, not unlike Mr. Kanye West. The talent is there, but it doesn't show through, and I feel like newer, younger versions of Usher (read: Chris Brown, NLT, Jesse McCartney) are doing it with more finesse.

"Touch My Body"
What can I say about this? I feel like my Mariah has let me down. Her music has slowly gone from epic and classic staples to mindless utterings about nothing. It should be noted she is an INCREDIBLE lyricist, so imagine my disdain to hear this is the first single. Just when I thought she was getting it back together, I may fear that "We Belong Together" is the last truly epic Mariah track.

I'm tired of the hip hop innuendo being the cool fad of the week. Didn't we hear this before with 50 Cent and "Candy Shop"? I try to keep my mind open for Lil Wayne, as he is working with one of my loves and friends, T Lopez, on her upcoming solo album, but...yeah, ew.

What are your thoughts?

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