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Battle of the (new) Boy Bands: VFactory v NLT

VFactory (top) v. NLT (below)

Several people are predicting that 2009 will be the year of the boyband. In my mind, I believe the 90's boyband era ended around 2002 when Justin Timberlake struck out on his own to success. Yes, you can argue that the Backstreet Boys are still around, but to consider them a "boy band" would be a disservice to the respect they've cultivated after more than 10+ years as a band. There are several other contenders in this race of boy bands, including Day 26, Jonas Brothers and Menudo. But it appears VFactory and NLT seem to be at the forefront, just as Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC were in 1999 (wow, I feel old). I think it's needless to say that I'm psyched for the return of frothy teen pop (thank you, Disney, for bringing it back!), but I find it slightly disturbing that now that boy band pop is back, I will be the older fan, who is the same age if not older than the boys themselves. ::Sigh:: First, I was too young. Now, I'm too old. Not fair.

I'm leaving this race up to VFactory and NLT as they seem to best fit the profile of "boy band". I do feel that Day 26, the Making the Band 4 Diddy group, is more of an older band, and fill the mold of r&b band a la Jodeci or Boyz II Men (that dance...). Menudo can take over the latin tip. And my beloved Jonas Brothers just don't count as a "boy band", as they are siblings, write virtually all of their own music, and play instruments....

I kind of feel like VFactory and NLT are the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, respectively, for the new generation. "She Said, I Said" (NLT) sounds like a modernized sound of *NSYNC's "Girlfriend", while VFactory's "Round and Round" sounds more and more like "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" and "We Got It Going On" the more I hear it. I was an *NSYNC girl, so you'd think I'd be predispositioned therefore to like NLT better. Howevever, seeing as I'm older and wiser this time around (::ahem::, no snickering), I can find love in my heart for both. As it stands now, let's take a look at how they rank against each other:

Issue: Band Name

VFactory: ??
NLT: Not Like Them
Verdict: NLT.
Although "Not Like Them" is a bit cliched as a boyband title, I have no clue what "V" is being Factory-ed by VFactory...Can anybody clue me in?

Issue: Group Member #

VFactory: 5
NLT: 4
Verdict: VFactory.
Everyone knows that the best boy band formula isfive members. Just ask 98 Degrees.

Issue: Dancing Ability

VFactory: Click here to see the routine for "Round & Round"
NLT: Click here to see the routine for "She Said, I Said"
Verdict: NLT.
From what I've seen so far at least.Not counting the other boys out, but in terms ofwhat's been available so far, NLT's got 'em beat.NLT has much more finesse.

Issue: Vocal Ability/Harmonization

Verdict: BOTH.
In true boy band style, at this point it's hard to tell which band has the stronger singers. Each have their requisite SANGER, and bothare well qualified in this arena.

Issue: Label

VFactory: Warner
NLT: Geffen/Universal
Verdict: NLT.
Universal has a much larger reachthan Warner will, not to mention an non-stop hitbrigade with Timbaland, which Warner lacks.

Issue: Release

Verdict: NLT.
Their album was schedule to bereleased this past February, but due to leaking, itwas pushed back to June. "She Said, I Said" hasbeen on radio airwaves since November 2007, whileVFactory is just now starting to break through interms of performances and industry gigs.

Issue: Production

VFactory: ??
NLT: Timbaland
Verdict: NLT.
Timbaland versus just about anyoneright now will still pretty much always win.

Issue: Writing

VFactory: ??
NLT: "Karma" was written by Ryan Tedder, the frontman of OneRepublic, aka the superman who wrote "DoIt Well", "He Said She Said", "Bleeding Love", etctimes a million.
Verdict: NLT.
Ney I say more.

Issue: Famous GF

VFactory: Jared is dating Ashley Tisdale; Wesley was allegedly dating Miley Cyrus
NLT: ...
Verdict: VFactory.
Ms. Tisdale is a big supporter ofthe boys and helped form them from what I heard thanks to the fact that Jared and Wesley weredancers on her "High School Musical" tour.

Issue: Associated Acts

VFactory: Ashley Tisdale, Candy Coated Chaos
NLT: Bratz Movie, Timbaland
Verdict: In terms of pop music, gotta give it toVFactory. And it's not even because I rep CCC with serious pride...

Issue: First Single

VFactory: "She Bad"
NLT: "She Said, I Said"
Verdict: NLT.
More radio play, more catchy...of course, this part is subjective.

Issue: Second Single

VFactory: "Round and Round"
NLT: "Karma"
Verdict: VFactory.
That song gets stuck in my brain and goes "round and round" until I want to bash my skull in. But in a good way.

WINNER: NLT. For now at least.

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