The 308 Playlists

My girls at school and I always put together a mixtape for each year to play when we're in the car together full of songs that we each liked, or funny inside jokes. So I've decided to share them with you.

Here is our most recent playlist, featuring songs popular within the window of January through May 2008. Songs marked with a * are my song choices.

1. Flo Rida f/ T-Pain -> "Low"
2. Paramore -> "That's What You Get"*
3. In Flames -> "The Mirror's Truth"
4. Leona Lewis -> "Bleeding Love"
5. Cupid -> "Cupid Shuffle"
6. Theory of a Deadman f/ Chris Daughtry -> "By the Way"
7. Mariah Carey -> "Touch My Body"
8. Danity Kane -> "Damaged"*
9. Usher f/ Young Jeezy -> "Love In This Club"
10. Chevelle -> "The Fad"
11. Sara Bareilles -> "Love Song"
12. Miley Cyrus -> "See You Again"
13. Girls Aloud -> "Girl Overboard"*
14. Sara Barielles -> "Fairytale"
15. Disturbed -> "Inside the Fire"
16. Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown -> "No Air"
17. OneREPUBLIC -> "Stop & Stare"*
18. Korn -> "Kiss"
19. Robyn -> "With Every Heartbeat"*
20. Rihanna -> "Take A Bow"

And let the record show, I also wanted the Leona Lewis and Jordin Sparks/Chris Brown tracks, but my roommate stole them from me. :(

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